June 4-10, 2017

August 6-12, 2017




About the Camp

Join us this summer for a week of bluegrass, folk, blues, swing, jazz, Irish, flatpicked and fingerstyle guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass, singing, learning and fun!  Break out of your routine and be inspired by a variety of styles, first-rate musicians, and the incredible experience of being immersed in acoustic music. Our instructors are some of the top players in the nation, but they were chosen because they’re known by peers and students as great instructors for all levels. Class sizes are small, with an average 7:1 student-teacher ratio, so you’ll be sure to get plenty of individual attention.

Classes, concerts, master classes, seminars and jamming!  From over 30 hands-on classes offered over a broad range of levels, instruments, styles and subjects, you select those that appeal to you.  There will also be concerts by instructors and campers, master classes for up-close individualized learning, seminars on interesting and fun topics, and jamming!  And, if you’re new to jamming, we’ll have courses specifically designed to get you started.

All levels: whether you’re just starting out or an advanced player, there are over 35 classes to inspire, inform and challenge you.  Each instructor teaches a variety of levels and brings a wealth of fundamentals, technique and style to each class.  Click here to assess your playing level

All ages are welcome!  Campers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Companions: you're welcome to attend the camp as a companion of a camper, at a reduced rate.  While you won't attend classes, instructor one-on-ones, jams or seminars, you're welcome to attend all concerts, meals, and stay in the camp lodging.  The camp itself is a beautiful retreat, and there are also many great things to see and do close by; see our Other Fun Things to Do in the Area page.

Where you’ll be: You’ll be at the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp, high in the mountains near Divide, Colorado, surrounded by spruce, pine and aspen forest, beautiful rock formations, and premier hiking trails.  

T-Shirt: Campers and companions will receive a free T-Shirt that will be the envy of your friends (and better yet, your enemies).

If you’re new, if you’re old, if you need challenge, if you need something new, if you’re on a plateau and need inspiration, or if you just want to peg your fun meter, the Colorado Roots Music Camp is for you.