June 3-9, 2018

August 5-11, 2018 (possibly)




Click here for the August 2017 schedule (in PDF format)

There are several class periods per day, with classes, one-on-one instructor time, jams, seminars and special events.  Besides those, we'll have meals, nightly concerts, etc.

Class Structure.  Most classes will be taught once a day, at the same time and location each day, Monday through Friday.  Each day will build on the knowledge you gained from the prior day.  So, Tuesday's instruction will build on what you learned on Monday, Wednesday's will build on Tuesday's, etc.

You choose the classes.  In each of the class periods, there will be a broad variety of classes and subjects taught.  You're free to choose the class that's most interesting to you.  However, since the classes are sequential, it will probably make the most sense for you to attend the same class each day.

One-on-one instructor time.  For this class, you sign up with a particular instructor, then you and five of your closest friends sit and play for the instructor; he or she gives you honest feedback on your playing and you discuss how to improve it.

Seminars.  What better way to learn music, its history, its trivia and a whole lot more than to sit and hear these great musicians tell you what is near and dear to their hearts?  It could be "The Music of Django Reinhardt," "Worst Gigs Ever," "Alternate Tunings," "Properly setting up your instrument," or a host of other fun and informative topics.  You won't want to miss these.

Concerts.  On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, we'll have concerts featuring our instructors.  Wednesday night, we'll have our contra dance, which is not to be missed.  On Friday night, it'll be your turn on stage.

Jamming.  We'll have many scheduled jams in folk, bluegrass, swing, Irish and old-time styles, and maybe our famous honky-tonk jam as well.  But not just those; jamming happens any time two or more folks get together and play.  It can and does happen all the time, and you never know where or when a great one will spring up.  We'll also have some jams specifically for beginners, so if you don't feel comfortable walking into a jam, this one is for you!

You can also choose not to attend any of these events.  You might need to catch up on your sleep from a long night of jamming, practice what you learned in an earlier class, or just take a hike around The Crags.