June 4-10, 2017

August 6-12, 2017




Getting Here and Back Home

When to arrive:  Plan to arrive at the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp (see driving directions below) between 3:45 and 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.  We'll complete your check-in and get you into your lodging.  We'll have supper at 5:30 p.m., meet the instructors, and have a concert with our instructors later in the evening.

You can fly into either Denver International Airport (DEN) or Colorado Springs (COS); see below.

If you're driving

You’re going to the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp, 709 County Road 62 in Divide, Colorado, 80814, phone 719-687-9506.  Here are directions, and a map is below.

  • From Colorado Springs, go West on US 24 about 21 miles to Divide.  There’s one stoplight in Divide at the intersection of Colorado Highway 67.

  • At the stoplight, turn South (left) on 67 toward Cripple Creek.  Go about 4 miles South and watch for the "Rocky Mountain Camp" sign shortly after the entrance to Mueller State Park.  Travel 1.5 miles up on the National Forest road to the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp.

If you're flying into Colorado Springs (COS)

Unless you have a friend in Denver who'll give you a ride down to Colorado Springs or to the camp, we highly recommend you fly into Colorado Springs.  Fares into COS are sometimes comparable to Denver's, and it'll save 3-4 hours of your life, $100 in shuttle fees and a lot of hassle. 

If you fly into COS, we'll hook you up with someone to give you a ride up to the camp at no charge; just let us know your flight plans as early as you can, and definitely within two weeks of the camp.  Any later than that, and we can't guarantee we'll have someone to pick you up.

If you're flying into Denver (DEN)

First, consider flying into Colorado Springs (see above).  Admittedly, the fares are often cheaper coming into DEN; Southwest has had some really good fares in and out.  They also don't charge you for normal baggage.  But it'll cost you at least an extra 30 minutes in the airport, an extra 1-2 hours drive time, and hitting the shuttle at the right time is tough.

Getting from DEN to camp is a two-step process:

If you can't get a flight that'll get you to DEN in time to catch the 12:30 shuttle:

  • Consider flying in on Saturday; if you can get to Colorado Springs, we can usually hook you up with someone who can put you up for the night.

  • Consider flying in to Colorado Springs; your life will be easier.

The Colorado Springs Shuttle charges $50 each way.  That $100 for both ways, plus the reduced hassle, might just be enough to make COS a better option.

Flying with an instrument

You can bring your instrument on board the airplane; see the TSA writeup on it here.

There's plenty of other information out there; just Google "flying with musical instruments."