June 1-7, 2014




Jams (2013)

Come join our jams!  There will be a lot of spontaneous jamming during the camp, and you’re certainly welcome to jump into them.  However, these happen every day at the same time, and are big fun.

If you're a newbie and experiencing the (unfounded) Jam Fear that everyone does, read this.

OK, so here are our jams.  Try them out—trust us!

Bluegrass Songbook (Level 2), Jeff Troxel:  Here's an easy and fun introduction to many of the songs of the standard bluegrass repertoire. You'll sing and play along, take some breaks (solos) if you'd like, and generally get a feel for the bluegrass jam in a supportive environment.  This year, we'll be playing out of the Mel Bay Parking Lot Picker's Songbook, edited by Dix Bruce (this one is the guitar version, there are also banjo and mandolin versions).  We'll have copies to share, but you can also get your own ahead of time; it might be at your local music store, and it’s available on the web.  Each copy includes sample recordings of every song, so you can get a head start.

Fiddle Tune Slow Jam (Level 2), Jack Devereux:  This is for all players, not just fiddlers.  We'll play some of the best-known fiddle tunes such as Old Joe Clark, Red-Haired Boy, Arkansas Traveler, Angeline the Baker, Over the Waterfall, Liberty, waltzes,  polkas, jigs, etc. We'll start at good slow speeds, and speed up gradually.  There will be music notation provided, so bring your music stand.  You can also download the materials here; there’s the Fiddle Tune Jam Compilation (Notation) and there are also recordings of many of the tunes.

Beginning Folk Jam (Level 2-up), Cosy Sheridan:  You'll quickly be playing and singing on some of the old folk favorites, and some songs you’ve probably not heard before.  This is a very low-pressure, easygoing jam where you can either belt out a song that’s struggling to burst free, or just sit back and enjoy it.  You’re also welcome just to come and sing along; playing welcome but not required.  This year, we’ll be playing out of the Rise Up Singing book; it’s only the best jam book ever made.  We’ll have copies to share, but if you’d like to get your own early, you can buy it at your local music store or directly from Sing Out! magazine.  Give your eyes a break and spend a few extra bucks to get the Larger Print Leader’s edition; you’ll be glad you did.

Real World Old-Time Jam (Level 3), Greg & Jere Canote:  Join us for some lively fiddle tunes, great old songs, and everything in between.  All instruments welcome.  Guaranteed fun!

Swing Jam (Level 4), Raul Reynoso:  Bring any instrument you want to this jam, including your voice. We'll play through a variety of swing and Western swing standards. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get into the swing groove, whether you want to solo over a solid rhythm section or to practice playing swing rhythm chords.