May 31-June 6, 2015

August 9-15, 2015




Our list of 2015 jams is not yet complete;
below is a list of our 2014 jams

Come join our jams!  There will be a lot of spontaneous jamming during the camp, and you’re certainly welcome to jump into them.  However, these happen every day at the same time, and are big fun.

If you're a newbie and experiencing the (unfounded) Jam Fear that everyone does, read this.

OK, so here are our jams.  Try them out—trust us!

Bluegrass Songbook (Level 2-up), Keith Yoder:  We will have a blast learning some standard bluegrass songs.  If you want to develop your ear and take solos on that song "you don't know" (yet), this jam will be beneficial to you.  We will work on hearing the chord changes and not always looking for them.  Vocal songs in bluegrass are in whatever key is good for the lead vocalist and not necessarily in the key that is written in a book.  Expect to sing a lot and we'll have a great time learning together.  Open to all instruments and vocalists.

Fiddle Tune Slow Jam (Level 2-up), Keith Yoder:  If you are an instrumentalist looking to learn some of the best known fiddle tunes this jam will be beneficial.  Music notation will be provided but you will not be required to use it unless you have to.  The goal is to have you developing your ear to hear melodies in the keys we are playing.  Instrumental tunes are written in specific keys (unlike vocal songs) and we will play them in the most common key.  Expect to play a lot and we'll have a great time.

Carp Jam (Level 3-up), Dave Firestine:  This will be a smaller version (meaning you can hear yourself) of the Carp Camp jams at Winfield.  You call the tunes, you call the songs, but let's not get too serious!

Swing Jam (Level 4-5), Raul Reynoso:  This is gonna go full speed!  Bring any instrument you want to this jam, including your voice. We'll play through a variety of swing and Western swing standards. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get into the swing groove, whether you want to solo over a solid rhythm section or to practice playing swing rhythm chords.